THE WAR WITH CHINA REACHES ITS CLIMAX.  Published December, 2020. . . VIOLENT PEACE, latest in the Dan Lenson/Modern Navy Novels. St. Martin's/Macmillan. Hardcover, ebook, audio, large print. Order now!

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David Poyer

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I teach creative writing at Wilkes University and the Ossabaw Island  Writers' Retreat. See below for a distillation of the best advice I can give after nearly forty years in the craft and business of writing, teaching, and publishing..

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 "Heroes of Annapolis is an inspiration from cover to cover.” – Quarterdeck Magazine

The United States Naval Academy has no monopoly on heroes. But over the last ten years, the most popular living author of American sea fiction has spent thousands of hours researching its graduates for Shipmate, the U.S. Naval Academy’s magazine. The extraordinary personal stories of adventure and courage he’s collected span American history from the Civil War to the War on Terror.

HEROES OF ANNAPOLIS shines light into corners of history that still affect us today. For example, our huge prison population can be traced to Richmond P. Hobson, “The Most Kissed Man in America.”  Merian C. Cooper was a fighter pilot and film director whose iconic KING KONG has been remade over and over. Philo McGiffin became a high-ranking officer in the Imperial Chinese Navy, commanded a battleship during the Battle of the Yalu, and surveyed many of the islands China is claiming today. Other graduates held bridges under fierce fire, hunted buffalo on horseback, sacrificed their lives to save shipmates, shot down snipers with pistols, rescued fellow aviators on enemy territory, advised presidents against escalation in Vietnam, led Iraqi militias in Baghdad . . . and much more.

Poyer tries not to engage in hero worship, or glorify war. Still, for at least one shining moment, each of the men and women profiled made the difficult choice: To risk it all, for flag, country, honor, and those they led into battle.