"This series sets the standard for naval action thrillers." – Publisher’s Weekly

"First-class storytelling by a master of the genre." – Kirkus Reviews

"David Poyer continues his run as a master of modern naval fiction." - Quarterdeck Magazine

​Dan Lenson’s under fire both at sea and in Washington. His command of the first antiballistic-missile-capable cruiser in the Fleet, USS Savo Island, is threatened when he's called home to testify before Congress. Shaken by the near-end of his career, Lenson returns to his ship uncertain of his future, but determined to unite and heal a divided crew.

In the Indian Ocean, Savo cruises off East Africa, protecting shipping lanes from pirates. But this routine patrol turns ominous when an unknown assailant begins assaulting female crew members. At the same time, a showdown starts between India and Pakistan.  Savo Island, with her unique but not yet fully battle-ready ability to intercept ballistic missiles, is all that stands between two nations on the brink of nuclear war.

As war finally begins, and races across Asia, Dan will have to cope with a deadly tsunami, incoming weapons, and a quickly tilting balance of power, as China finally makes her bid to humiliate and displace America in the Pacific.

"[An] unforgettable thriller...Poyer is at the top of his game in this all-too-plausible future war scenario." - Publishers Weekly, starred review

"Hair-raising [...] there's ample action for thriller readers, with terrific extended battle scenes on a grand scale, both on land and sea." - Kirkus

"Thrilling, filled with near-future technology, and deeply grounded in the human cost of war, David Poyer’s Deep War is a brilliant novel by an acknowledged master of military fiction." - The Real Book Spy

The war against China turns dire as the United States struggles to survive in this gripping thriller featuring Navy commander Dan Lenson.

After America suffers a devastating nuclear attack, and facing food shortages, power outages, cyber and AI assaults, and a wrecked economy, Admiral Dan Lenson leads an allied force assigned to turn the tide of war in the Pacific, using precisely targeted missiles and high-tech weapons systems.

But as the campaign begins, the entire Allied military and defense network is compromised—even controlled—by Jade Emperor, a powerful Chinese artificial intelligence system that seems to anticipate and counter every move. While Dan strives to salvage the battle plan, his wife Blair helps coordinate strategy in Washington, DC, Marine sergeant Hector Ramos fights in an invasion of Taiwan, and Navy SEAL master chief Teddy Oberg begins a desperate journey into central China on a mission that may be the only way to save the United States from destruction and defeat.

Thrilling, filled with near-future technology, and deeply grounded in the human cost of war, David Poyer's Deep War is a brilliant novel by an acknowledged master of military fiction.



Just promoted to Captain, Dan Lenson's first glimpse of his new command is of a ship literally high and dry. USS Savo Island, which carries a classified, never-before-deployed missile defense system, has run aground off Naples, Italy. Captain Lenson has to relieve the ship's disgraced skipper and deploy on a secret mission—Operation Stellar Shield—which will take his ship and crew into the dangerous waters bordering the Middle East.

As a climate of war builds, with threats of nuclear and chemical weapons, Dan has to rally Savo Island’s demoralized crew and confront a mysterious death on board, while learning to operate a complex missile system that has not been battle tested. But when the conflict reaches a climax, Dan is forced to make a decision that may cost hundreds of thousands of innocent lives—or may save them, but at the cost of his ship and his career.

Filled with dramatic sea adventure, authentic weapons and technology, and distinguished by Poyer’s deep understanding of duty and the moral choices made in combat, The Cruiser is the fourteenth novel to feature Dan Lenson, and the beginning of an exciting new story line that will take him, his crew, and Savo Island around the world.

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"Lenson and his crew have fought some terrible battles and barely survived, but worse horrors lie ahead. Intense and bloody only begin to describe the realism of the combat scenes." -- Publisher's Weekly

World War with China explodes in Hunter Killer, David Poyer's dramatic new thriller. The United States stands nearly alone in its determination to fight, rather than give into the expansionist demands of the aggressive new “People’s Empire.” The naval and air forces of the Associated Powers – China, Pakistan, Iran, and North Korea – have used advanced technology and tactical nuclear weapons to devastate America's fleet in the Pacific, while its massive army forced humiliating surrenders on Japan, Taiwan, the Philippines, and other crucial allies.

Admiral Dan Lenson, commanding a combined US–South Korean naval force, and Commander Cheryl Staurulakis of USS Savo Island fight to turn the tide and prepare for an Allied counteroffensive. Meanwhile, SEAL operator Teddy Oberg escapes from a hellish POW camp and heads west through desolate mountains toward what he hopes will be freedom. Hector Ramos, an unwilling recruit, learns the Marine Corps has an ethos all its own. And in Washington, DC, Dan’s wife Blair Titus helps formulate America's political response to overwhelming setbacks in the Pacific and at on the home front.

Filled with dramatic battle scenes, from ship, submarine, and air warfare to desperate hand-to-hand Marine Corps combat, and informed by the author's own background as a Navy captain and defense analyst, Hunter Killer is a powerful, all-too-believable novel about how the next world war might unfold.


After a tragic accident maims her laboratory assistant, Dr. Sara Pollard’s career as a primate behaviorist lies in ruins. With nothing left to lose, Pollard – descendant of a Nantucket captain whose ship was sunk by a rogue whale – accepts an offer to join anti-whaling activists on a round-the-world racing yacht as the resident scientist. The plan is to sail from Argentina to the stormy Antarctic Sea.  There they'll shadow, harass, and expose the Japanese fleet, which continues to kill and process endangered whales in internationally-declared sanctuaries.

But everyone aboard Black Anemone has a secret, or something to live down.  Her crew—including a beautiful but narcissistic film celebrity, an Afghan War veteran in search of the buzz of combat, and an enigmatic, obsessive captain—will confront hostile whalers, brutal weather, dangerous ice, near-mutiny, and romantic conflict.  But no one aboard is prepared for being targeted by a massive creature with a murderous agenda of its own....

Publisher: St. Martin's (Dec. 8th, 2015)

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"Heroes of Annapolis is an inspiration from cover to cover.” – Quarterdeck Magazine

The United States Naval Academy has no monopoly on heroes. But over the last ten years, the most popular living author of American sea fiction has spent thousands of hours researching its graduates for Shipmate, the U.S. Naval Academy’s magazine. The extraordinary personal stories of adventure and courage he’s collected span American history from the Civil War to the War on Terror.

HEROES OF ANNAPOLIS shines light into corners of history that still affect us today. For example, our huge prison population can be traced to Richmond P. Hobson, “The Most Kissed Man in America.”  Merian C. Cooper was a fighter pilot and film director whose iconic KING KONG has been remade over and over. Philo McGiffin became a high-ranking officer in the Imperial Chinese Navy, commanded a battleship during the Battle of the Yalu, and surveyed many of the islands China is claiming today. Other graduates held bridges under fierce fire, hunted buffalo on horseback, sacrificed their lives to save shipmates, shot down snipers with pistols, rescued fellow aviators on enemy territory, advised presidents against escalation in Vietnam, led Iraqi militias in Baghdad . . . and much more.

Poyer tries not to engage in hero worship, or glorify war. Still, for at least one shining moment, each of the men and women profiled made the difficult choice: To risk it all, for flag, country, honor, and those they led into battle.



"Poyer’s superb 16th thriller featuring Capt. Daniel V. Lenson., USN, steams into the roughest waters yet as China continues its smash and grab for world power. In addition to mounting a defense against Chinese aggression toward such Pacific Rim nations as Taiwan and Japan, Dan has to run a ship, the USS Savo Island, where a rapist is on the loose. A host of other problems pile on his shoulders, until just staying upright and functioning becomes problematic. Meanwhile, Dan’s wife, Blair Titus, is running for Congress in a U.S. gradually disintegrating into chaos, and SEAL Master Chief Petty Officer Theodore Harlett Oberg is preparing his aging and battered body for a mission that will thrust him into a situation so dire that he wishes he were dead rather than alive. But the keel of the story—the naval battles with China—are always foremost, and Poyer is among the best authors, present or past, to write these electrifying scenes. Military-action fans will eagerly await the second installment in what appears to be a distinct story arc within the larger series. "-- Publilsher's Weekly STARRED Review 09/30/2016 

$26.99 US.  978-1-250-05631-3 hardcover
$12.99 US Ebook